Wayne offers a wonderful service. I was treated with massage, moxibustion and acupuncture and was amazed at the results I experienced - not only physically but energetically too! By the following day my neck felt much better and my energy levels improved almost immediately after the treatment. I found Wayne to be professional, knowledgeable and personable and have already recommended him to family and friends.
Clair E (Dairy Flat)

I can't say enough about my experience with acupuncture. I suffered with cluster headaches on a daily basis for 9 years. I tried everything, meds, chiropractic to no avail. Two treatments with acupuncture and zero headaches for 2 months now.
Thank You, Wayne!
Sue S (Rosedale North Shore)

For almost 3 years I have been receiving acupuncture treatment from Wayne for sinus pain and other pain.
Wayne is very professional in his approach.He explains his diagnostic findings well then discusses the procedure he intends to carry out and the reasons for it.At all times he ensures that i understand what is going on and that I am physically and emotionally comfortable.After each treatment, I always feel an improvement.
Gerry B (Torbay North Shore)

I've been troubled by neck pain for couple of years before I met Wayne. I am an IT engineer and my job obliges me face the computer screen everyday, my neck muscles get to fatigue and the joints in my neck to "lock" in place, each of my day felt bad with a stiff neck.  After three months acupuncture and cupping, Wayne cured my neck, not only he released my pain, but also he taught me lots of actions to prevent my pain comes back again.  Thanks Wayne, you're REALLY AWESOME!
Chris F (Browns Bay)

I would like to thank Wayne for helping improve my life! Helping my arthritis in hips and feet. Waye and staff are very kind and understanding.
Chris Chang (Sunnynook Auckland)

"I have been treated by Wayne He numerous times. He is always professional and has managed to right any issues I have had where physios, ultra sound and other specialists have not. I have referred numerous colleagues and friends who have had similar results. I would not hesitate to visit Wayne if you have issues that need addressing he is my first port of call not for any aches and pains."
Glen.R (Long bay North Shore)

“I wasn’t convinced acupuncture would be able to help me, but my tendon problem was resolved in two treatments."
Mrs. R.Brooke (Milford Auckland)

"Since starting treatment my symptoms have cleared up completely and I also feel so much better in myself - calmer, more confident - more like myself again.”
Miss A. Reedman(Campbells Bay)

Doctor Wayne  is the acupuncturist for my family including my 14 year old grandson. He is caring and concerned with the entire person and all phases of your health. My health is improving some issues I had lived with for years are completely gone. I feel heard and treated with respect and compassion. He has helped my grandson sleep better and live with the stresses of life. I recommend him to all my friends.
Mr P. Allan (Rothesay Bay North Shore)

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